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Management Programs

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) in Marketing/HR/Finance

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is a two-year programme of study extending over four Semesters and comprising 19 courses and a project, each of four credits. One credit would normally involve sixteen hours of lectures or equivalent, per semester. To become eligible for the award of the degree students need to earn a total of eighty credits.

The first year of the programme is devoted to build a strong conceptual foundation and relevant skills in economics, accounting, quantitative techniques, organisational behaviour and the functional areas of management. Students are also introduced to the legal aspects of business and research methods.

The second year of the programme is devoted to elective courses from the students’ chosen area of specialisation. A dual specialization requires students to choose four electives from any two areas. At present the school offers specialization the following five areas

  • MBA Programme structure

Q. Do I need an admission consultant to get admission in GSBC?

A. Hiring a paid admissions consultant isn’t necessary to gain admission to the GSBC’s MBA program. Our goal is to have a transparent evaluation process, as we believe in providing each applicant with an equal opportunity for success. If you have questions during the application process, we recommend seeking guidance through our website.

Q. What are minimum requirements to apply for GSBC’s MBA Program?

A. The minimum requirements to apply to the MBA program include:
1. Completion of an undergraduate program in an accredited College/University.
2. Results of the Common Admission Test (CAT)/Management Aptitude Test (MAT)/Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).
3. Submission of the GSBC application.

Q. Is a selection interview required?

A. An interview may be requested by the Admissions Committee. The interview may be conducted either in person or via telephone, by invitation of the committee.

Q. What are the tuition fees?

A. Tuition fees for the Full-Time program are detailed in the ‘Program Fees’ table.

Q. Can I transfer to the GSBC’s MBA program to another MBA school?

A. No. This is due to the cohort nature of the program, in which entering classes move through each class of their programs together. We do not accept transfer credits or provide exemptions for courses done at other MBA programs.

M.B.A. Collaborative Programs

    M.B.A. with Dual Specializations
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business
  • Business Analytics
    Electives in upcoming area
  • Entrepreneurship Finance & Venture Capital
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail Management & Modern Trade
  • Indian Tax System (GST, Personal & Corporate Tax)
  • International Trade Agreements

M.B.A. HSE Management

M.B.A. Logistics Management

International Programs

M.B.A. Program at NiAS Japan

A two-year full time MBA course, 12 months at Glocal University, India and 12 months study and part time internship opportunities in Japan at NiAS.



Tuition Fee Structure



Payment to



Tuition Fee & Academic Expenses




Application Processing + VISA Documentation +

COE Generation + Language Program +

Airfare Charges (India to Japan)


Tuition Fee, Japanese language course

& Academic Expenses



Accommodation & Utilities( 1 Year)


Food (6 months)


Health Insurance


Bedding & Futon



INR- 4,90,000

JPY - 20,90,000

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Content coming soon..!!

Content coming soon..!!

Till the turn of the century, public and professional discourse on management in India focused predominantly on professionalization, innovation, dynamism and so on. Today, with the growth in terrorist activities, public opinion has come to increasingly emphasise the need for business organisations to participate actively in the amelioration of the economically weaker sections of society so that the conditions that lie at the root of terrorism can be eliminated. Today, the purpose contemporary of management education can no longer be one of professionalization alone. It needs to be that of shaping managers who are not only professional but also socially responsible; who can skillfully perform the balancing act between people and profits; who can keep not only investors but also other stakeholders and society at large happy. The School of Business & Commerce, one of the pillars of the Glocal University, is committed to shaping such managers.

A serene campus amidst hills that is ideally suited for studies, a state-of-the- art infrastructure, and a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty committed to delivering education of international standards make us confident that we will soon be a B- School of choice for all aspirants.