Admissions Open 2022-23
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Glocal School of Pharmacy

Glocal School of Pharmacy is a part of globally recognized Glocal University, Saharanpur, India. School is currently in an exciting phase of growth, with a Pharmacy programme commenced in August 2014 and increasing student numbers. The Programme implements the most innovative and progressive teaching, in conjunction with formulation, synthesis, preclinical as well as clinical experience and dynamic research opportunities. In order to support this vision we have faculty who are world-renowned, respected experts in basic, clinical, and applied pharmaceutical sciences, and who exemplify translational, highly collaborative, interdisciplinary training and research. Passionate about teaching, research, and mentoring, our faculties are committed to training the next generation of scientists and academicians.

Glocal School of Pharmacy will empower you to become a professional with expertise in medicines, how medicines work and improve the health and well being of patients. These skills will open up exciting and varied career pathways for you to follow, from those in patient facing settings to opportunities in drug development and research.

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From DEAN'S Desk

Welcome to the School of Pharmacy at Glocal University

Being the Dean, I am proud to reveal that Pharmacy is one of the most trusted and demanding profession. In the past decade or so, the pharmacy profession has undergone unprecedented changes. The roles and responsibilities of the present day pharmacist are expanding day by day in a big way. The society and the world community as a whole, are most respectfully recognizing the value of the pharmacist as a medicine expert and as an important member of the health care team.

The majority of people across the globe are suffering from infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, heart attack, cancer and stress related (psychosomatic) disorders. Discovery of safe and efficacious drugs from natural and synthetic sources, as well as ensuring the correct use of these medications by the patient, is the real challenge for today’s pharmacist.


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