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Workshop on Classroom Management

 Workshop - Faculty of Education

A workshop was organised in Faculty of Education, Glocal University by Ms. Meenu Bhargava on the topic

Workshop on Classroom Management
 of “Classroom Management” on 28th February 2017. Ms.Meenu Bhargava is an avid researcher and freelance trainer who has given many training workshops to the school teachers on classroom management skiils.

The major areas of classroom management discussed by the resource person were:-
1. Challenges faced by the teacher in the class
2. Importance of teamwork in school management
3. Multidimensional assessment techniques for different categories of students in a class
4. Teaching methodologies (Lecture method, Small group discussion, Field visit, Quiz, Jingles, Audio-video presentation etc.)
5. Role of teacher’s personality on students in the class.

Mrs. Meenu Bharghava stressed upon ‘Teachers of Today’and said that by applying these startegies a teacher can prepare a child for tomorrow. According to her, learning is not restricted to the classroom but can happen anywhere or anytime. Lastly she concluded by saying. “Find solution of the problems that not even exist”