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Every person has their own thought,

Whether it is related to God.

I have a different imagination,

Which encourage me for poetry preparation.

?Creator of the world? is like a boy,

Who loves to play with every toy?

One who loves to rule?

And no one can make him fool.

He was not able to handle his guys,

So, he decided to rule over his toys.

For joy, away from his friends,

Think an idea beside the trends.

Prepare a plastic model of the world,

Man, Women, Plant, Animal and Bird.

Told his morals through his man,

If someone avoids, the horror began.

Some people are good and some are bad,

He will question the deeds after the death.

If anyone takes his creation for misuse,

He punishes them without any excuse.

Toys made by him are extraordinary,

Don't know why, but underestimating his legendary.


He is one who will reward for life's 'TAPESTRY'

But just one bad deed can make him show his 'TASKMASTARY'

By- Mohd. Faraz

Law 2nd year.