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Met first day in the college
Were friends forever
No one could make it out to break their strongest bond...
Lived and died for each other

They would set the best example of friendship...
Appreciated by the classmates and teachers as well..
one stood for the second and second for the third..
Eight were they in all..

Often they messed up,but seldom they fought..
Never were thought to be apart..
Living happily together..
Their year passed by...


Time changed but they were still the same..
Career's choice separated their classes but not union.
Everything was smooth until the day arrived...
Some found new mates,and some lost faith

The group was now left with lies,solitude and taunts..
It started straggling..
Eight pearls of the crown of friendship, scattered gradually
Jealousy took the place of unity
And hate grew up in the place of love...

Slowly and steadily,friendship glanced at pride only..
Anger in those smiling faces,egos in their minds
The care takers now didn't care at all,
Friends forever dispersed for no reasons..

People with the truest promises..left with the loudest breakups..
Everyone showed to the world..
they don't need anyone's worth in their lives....
And that day, they seperated...

The most best group didn't last..!!
Things that lasted were hidden cares, silent cries, old pictures...