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Prof. Amjad Husain

Prof. Amjad Husain

Director Glocal University, CEO Glocal Technology Park
Professor of Life Sciences
Post doctorate: Harvard University
Short Management Program: Harvard Business School
Ph.D, ICGEB, Delhi. MS, IIT, Roorkee

He spent a few years in Boston, United States, completing his postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School, and an executive management program at Harvard Business School. Amjad holds a PhD in Biotechnology from ICGEB, New Delhi through ICGEB graduate program with a full scholarship from govt of India, and masters degree in Biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee,

At Harvard, he worked in the area of Bioengineering and Tumor angiogenesis, where he studied VEGF mediated tumor angiogenesis while working with a well known scientist Prof. Harold F. Dvorak. Amjad’s work on VEGF mediated angiogenesis has led to a collaboration with companies like Imclone Inc and Eli Lily in USA for drug discovery and clinical applications of novel VEGFR inhibitors. Later, he was involved in designing and building up a high throughput drug screening platform, which got commercialized through a start-up company in Boston, and is being used by various pharmaceutical companies including Amgen. He also studied the role of biomechanical factors in tumorigenesis and age related macular degenration (AMD).

Amjad has published a number of papers in well-known international journals in the areas of HIV pathogenesis, Oncology, and Bioengineering. He has also presented his work in many international scientific meetings as Speaker including Keystone Symposium in Canada, Gordon conference in USA, and HHMI proteomics conference in Mexico. He was an active member of the Harvard innovation lab, and a selected candidate for the Harvard Healthcare Commercialization program in 2014, where he was mentored by Nobel laureates from the field and founders of Biotech companies around Boston Cambridge area. Amjad is passionate for teaching and interested in technology development.


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Review Articles/Book Chapters:

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Manuscripts under preparation:

16. Amjad Husain, Janice A. Nagy, Laura E. Benjamin and Harold F. Dvorak. Inhibition of VEGF- A, VEGF-C, and VEGF-E induced blood vasculature, using VEGFR2 and VEGFR3 as therapeutic targets.

17. Allen Ehrlicher, Quynh Dang, Amjad Husain, Kavitha Rajendran, Jeffrey J. Fredberg, and Ramaswamy Krishnan. High-throughput measurements of cell-generated contractile forces in endothelial cells using silicon deformable substrate.

Published Abstracts in conferences (Only key abstracts are listed):

18. Sukhmani Padda, Yesim Gokmen, Sunil Badve, Kabya Basu, Ansu Kumar, Amjad Husain, Shireen Vali, Taher Abbasi, Heather Wakelee. Designing Novel Therapies for Clinical Translation through Predictive Simulation for Thymoma. ITMIG 2016, San Fransisco, USA.

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