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S.No Paper Title Authors Publisher Indexing Type Publication Year DOI/Link
1Performance Optimization of Higher Education System by using Secure & Reliable ERP SystemAhmad Jamal, Om Kumar Harsh, Aamir KhanInternational Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE)ScopusResearch Paper2020
2Big Data Analytics with Fog Computing in integrated Cloud Fog and IoT Architecture for Smart DevicesSultan Ahmad, Mohammad Mazhar Afzal,AALIJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, VOL.20 No.6ScopusResearch Paper2020
3An Emergence of AI in Data Mining and KDD: ANN its Strength & WeaknessMohammad Asim khan, Sharik AhmadBlue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences PublicationScopusResearch Paper2020
4Application of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Using Artificial Intelligence: A Performance AnalysisMohammad Asim Khan, Sharik AhmadSERSCScopusResearch Paper2020
6Significance of Knowledge Reuse in the Three Dimensional Academic EnvironmentsMohammad Shuaib Khan , O.K.HarshBlue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication’, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), IndiaScopusResearch Paper2020
7Analytic properties of Touchard based hybrid polynomials via operational techniquesMohd. Shadab ,Francisco Marcellan, Saima JabeeBulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences SocietyScopusResearch Paper2020
8Some summation theorems associated with ClausenÂ’s hypergeometric functions with unit argumentMohd. Shadab M.I. QureshiApplications and Applied MathematicsWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2020
9Analytic Computations of Some Digamma Functions Using Gauss FormulaMohd. Shadab M.I. QureshiJournal of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and InformaticsWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2020
10Multifunctional Electrochemical Properties Synthesized Non-Precious Iron Oxide NanostructuresJahangeer Ahmed R. Phul, M.A.M. Khan, T. AhmadCrystalsSCIResearch Paper2020
11Security for Mobile and Adhoc NetworkMMA Manzoor Ahmad LoneInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring EngineeringUGC Care ListResearch Paper2020
12Voting Classification Method for Network Traffic PredictionM. Mazhar Afzal Altaf Hussain ShahInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring EngineeringUGC Care ListResearch Paper2020
13Data Security in Cloud ComputingMMA Ishfaq Farooq LoneInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring EngineeringUGC Care ListResearch Paper2020
14Development and Effect of Fog Computing on the Big Data Analysis for IoT Devices in 5G EraSultan Ahmad, Mohammad Mazhar AfzalInternational Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Volume. 29, No. 4.ScopusResearch Paper2020
15Development of triaminotriazine functionalized graphene oxide capped chitosan porous composite beads for nutrients remediation towards water purificationIlango Aswin Kumar , Mu. Naushad , Tansir Ahamad ,Natrayasamy ViswanathanInternational Journal of Biological MacromoleculesOthersResearch Paper2020
16Development of a polymeric nanocomposite as a high performance adsorbent for Pb(II) removal from water medium: Equilibrium, kinetic and antimicrobial activityMu. Naushad a, Tansir Ahamad , Khalid M. Al-Sheetanhttps://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhazmat.2020.124816OthersResearch Paper2020
17Fabrication of amino functionalized benzene-1,4- dicarboxylic acid facilitated cerium based metal organic frameworks for efficient removal of fluoride from water environmentAntonysamy Jeyaseelan, Mu. Naushad,Tansir Ahamadbd and Natrayasamy ViswanathanRoyal Society of ChemistryOthersResearch Paper2020
18Superficial development of Lewis zirconium ion cross-linked gelatin/kaolin hybrid composite for nutrients remediationIlango Aswin Kumar , Mu Naushad , Tansir Ahamad , Natrayasamy ViswanathanJournal of Molecular LiquidsOthersResearch Paper2020
19Morphological characterization, statistical modelling and tribological behaviour of aluminum hybrid nanocomposites reinforced with micronano- silicon carbideSajjad Arif, Tanwir Alam, Akhter H. Ansari & Mohd Bilal Naim ShaikhTaylor & Francis GroupSCIResearch Paper2019
20Optimization of Wear Behaviour Using Taguchi and ANN of Fabricated Aluminium Matrix Nanocomposites by Two-Step Stir CastingMd Tanwir Alam, Sajjad Arif, Akhter Husain Ansari and Md Naushad AlamIOP ScienceSCIResearch Paper2019
21Efficiency of Portland Pozzolana Cement as an adsorbent in removing excess fluoride from GroundwaterDhananjay Singh Shyamal and P. K. GhoshGroundwater for Sustainable DevelopmentScopusResearch Paper2019
22Dam Break Analysis - Review of LiteratureAnkita Sawai, Dhananjay singh Shyamal and Laukush KumarInternational Journal for Research in Engineering Application & ManagementOthersResearch Paper2019
23Unsteady Flow Simulation of Haripura Dam using HEC-RASAnkita Sawai and Jyothi PrasadInternational Journal for Research in Engineering Application & ManagementOthersResearch Paper2019
24Performance analysis of FME based servers and cloud for data loading in big data and machine learning models for future data mining process, knowledge discovery in geo-spatial dataAamir khan, Arif Ali Wani, Umesh Chandra, Parag JainInternational Journal of Research in Engineering and Innovation (IJREI)ScopusResearch Paper2019
25Assessment of performance, exhaust, and combustion-related parameters of unheated and preheated RBME on diesel engineSachin Kamboj, Raj Kumar Gangwar, Saifullah Zaphar Jitender Maharshi,Taylor & Francis GroupSCIResearch Paper2019
26Deployment of Fog and Edge Computing in IoT for Cyber-Physical Infrastructures in the 5G EraSA M MazharSustainable Communication Networks and Application ICSCN 2019 39, 351-359Web of ScienceResearch Paper2019
27Sentiment Analysis Evaluating Net Brand Reputation of Mobile Phones Using PolaritySharik Ahmad, Neha Tyagi and Umesh ChandraIEEEOthersResearch Paper2019
28Sentiment Index and Sentiment Score of Mobile Phonesharik Ahmad, Neha Tyagi, and Umesh ChandraIJREAM Publishing House,OthersResearch Paper2019
29An Excursion Through Some Characterizations of Hypersemigroups By Normal HyperidealsAbul Basar, Shahnawaz Ali, Poonam Kumar sharmanternational Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology (IJMTT)OthersResearch Paper2019
30A study of ordered bi-Gamma-hyperideals in ordered Gamma-semihypergroupsAbul BASAR, Shahnawaz AL?, Poonam Kumar SHARMA, Bhavanari SATYANARAYANA, Mohammad Yahya ABBAS?Ikonion Journal of MathematicsOthersResearch Paper2019
31On Some Hyperideals in Ordered SemihypergroupsAbul BASAR , Shahnawaz AL? , Mohammad Yahya ABBAS?, Bhavanari SATYANARAYANA, Poonam Kumar SHARMAJournal of New TheoryOthersResearch Paper2019
32Wear behaviour and morphology of stir cast aluminium/SiC nanocompositesMd Tanwir Alam, Sajjad Arif and Akhter Husain AnsariIOP ScienceSCIResearch Paper2018
33Analysis of tribological behaviour of zirconia reinforced Al-SiC hybrid composites using statistical and artificial neural network techniqueSajjad Arif, Md Tanwir Alam, Akhter H Ansari, Mohd Bilal Naim Shaikh and M Arif SiddiquiIOP ScienceSCIResearch Paper2018
34Morphological and Wear behaviour of new Al-SiCmicro-SiCnano hybrid nanocomposites fabricated through powder metallurgySajjad Arif, Md Tanwir Alam, Tariq Aziz, Akhter H AnsariIOP ScienceSCIResearch Paper2018
35Effect of Simultaneous and Non-Simultaneous Mixing of Alum & Lime on Flouride Removal Efficiency of existing Nalgonda TechniqueDhananjay Singh Shyamal, Ankita Sawai and Laukush KumarInternational Journal for Research in Engineering Application & ManagementOthersResearch Paper2018
36A review on sources, occurrence, health effects and treatment methods of fluoride contaminated waterDhananjay Singh Shyamal and P. K. GhoshInternational Journal of Latest Trends in Engineering and TechnologyOthersResearch Paper2018
37A Review of Assured Data Deletion Mechanism in Cloud ComputingS Ahmad, MM AfzalInternational Journal of Engineering & Technology (UAE) 7 (4.5)ScopusResearch Paper2018
38Sentiment Analysis Evaluating the Brand Popularity of Mobile Phone by using Revised Data DictionaryNeha Tyagi, Sharik Ahmad, Aamir Khan and M. Mazhar AfzalIJESIOthersResearch Paper2018
39Case Study of 802.11a with open-air-interface transmission with simulation methodologyAamir Khan, Sharik Ahmad, Umesh Chandra, Parag Jain and Musarrat HussainIJREAM Publishing HouseOthersResearch Paper2018
40 An Efficient Lossless Robust Watermarking Scheme by Integrating Redistributed Invariant wavelet and Fractional Fourier TransformsMusarrat Ali C.W. Ahn, M. PantMultimedia Tools and ApplicationsScopusResearch Paper2018
41Study of mechanical and tribological behaviour of Al/SiC/ZrO2 hybrid composites fabricated through powder metallurgy techniqueM. Arif Siddiqui Sajjad Arif, Md. Tanwir Alam, Akhter Hussain AnsariIOP ScienceSCIResearch Paper2017
42Mechanical properties and morphology of aluminium metal matrix nanocomposites-stir cast productsMd Tanwir Alam, Akhter Husain Ansari, Sajjad Arif & Md. Naushad AlamTaylor & Francis GroupScopusResearch Paper2017
43Ceramic Materials and Stir Cast Aluminium Matrix Composites: A Literature ReviewMd Tanwir Alam, Akhter Husain AnsariIJIRSETUGC Care ListResearch Paper2017
44An approach to Deal with Heterogeneity on RoundaboutsAbdullah Ahmad and Rajat RastogiInternational Journal of Civil EngineeringSCIResearch Paper2017
45Studies on shear behavior of cortical bone using Iosipescu test and FEMApoorv Rathi, Anurag Dixit, Nitin Kumar SharmaElsevierOthersResearch Paper2017
46Database security: Threats and solutionsA Ali, MM AfzalInternational Journal of Engineering Inventions (IJEI), ISSN: 2278-7461,UGC Care List2017
47Security Threats to M-Commerce: Indian PerspectiveK Shamsi, MM AfzalInternational Journal of Engineering Inventions 6 (1), 56-60UGC Care ListResearch Paper2017
48 Enhanced DE with Weighted Base Vector for Unconstrained Global OptimizationMusarrat Ali P. Kumar, M. PantIndian Journal of Science and TechnologyWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2017
49• A Literature Review on Evolving DatabaseShagufta and Dr. Umesh ChandraInternational Journal of Computer ApplicationsOthersResearch Paper2017
50DOI: 10.5120/ijca2017913365Shagufta and Dr. Umesh ChandraInternational Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 8, Issue 12, December-2017OthersResearch Paper2017
51• A Comparative Study On: Nosql, Newsql and Polygot Persistence, International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE)Shagufta and Dr.Umesh ChandraInternational Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE)OthersResearch Paper2017
52NoSQL Products: IT Giants PerspectivesShagufta, Dr.Umesh ChandraInternational Journal of Computational Intelligence ResearchOthersResearch Paper2017
53• Analysis of Disks, Relational and Non-Relational Databases for forensics InvestigationsShagufta , Dr. Umesh ChandraInternational Journal of Electrical Electronics & Computer Science EngineeringOthersResearch Paper2017
54Study of Bias-Temperature Instability in HfO2 sputtered Thin Films by Post Nitrogen Annealing for the Advanced CMOS TechnologyVikram Singh, R.Karthik, Prem KumarElsevier.SCIResearch Paper2017
55PPM adder design using XNOR-XOR FunctionRajeev Kumar, Dr. Vikram Singh, Prem Kumar HawalIJSRDUGC Care ListResearch Paper2017
56A Study of Dielectric Reliability of Anodic TiO2 Based Single and Double Layer Metal-Insulator-Metal CapacitorsR Karthik, Vijetha Tummala, Vikram SinghAmerican Scientific PublishersSCIResearch Paper2017
57A Study of Dielectric Reliability of Anodic TiO2 Based Single and Double Layer Metal-Insulator-Metal CapacitorsR Karthik, Vijetha Tummala, Vikram SinghAmerican Scientific PublishersSCIResearch Paper2017
58A Study of Dielectric Reliability of Anodic TiO2 Based Single and Double Layer Metal-Insulator-Metal CapacitorsR Karthik, Vijetha Tummala, Vikram SinghAmerican Scientific PublishersSCIResearch Paper2017
59A Study and Survey of Security and Privacy issues in Cloud ComputingSultan Ahmad, Mohammad Mazhar AfzalInternational Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Volume. 06, No.01.OthersResearch Paper2017
60Analytical Study of Double Flight Stair Slab without Floor LandingMohd Shahiq Khan, Akhtarul Haque and Andul BaqiResearch Journal of Engineering and TechnologyOthersResearch Paper2016
61 A Reliable Image Watermarking Scheme Based on Redistributed Image Normalization and SVDMusarrat Ali C.W. Ahn, M. Pant, P. SiarryDiscrete Dynamics in Nature and SocietyScopusResearch Paper2016
62Natural Gas hydrate :The future's fuelMohd yusufJERADUGC Care ListResearch Paper2016
63Performance of concrete subjected to elevated temperatureMohd Shahiq Khan and Husain AbbasEuropean Journal of Environmental and Civil EngineeringSCIResearch Paper2015
64Detailed Analysis of Deformation Behavior of Plexiform Bone Using Small Specimen Testing and Finite Element SimulationNitin Kumar Sharma, Swati Sharma, Daya K. Sehgal, Rama Kant PandeySpringerOthersResearch Paper2014
65Studies on deformational behavior of miniaturized cortical bone specimens using finite element simulationNitin Sharma, D. K. Sehgal and R K PandeyAIPOthersResearch Paper2014
66Application of ElasticPlastic Fracture Mechanics to Determine the Locational Variation in Fracture Properties of Cortical BoneNitin Sharma, Ruchita Pal, D. K. Sehgal, and R. K. PandeyASTMOthersResearch Paper2014
S.No Paper Title Authors Publisher Indexing Type Publication Year DOI/Link
1Exploring the Potential of Neuroproteomics in Alzheimer's DiseaseMd. Sahab Uddin, Abdul Hafeez, Abdel-Daim and Ghulam Md Ashraf,Bentham Science PublishersScopusResearch Paper2020
2Ubiquitination in rheumatoid arthritisTapan behl, Abdul Hafeez, Simona bungauElsevierScopusResearch Paper2020
3Evidence linking protein misfolding to quality control in progressive neurodegenerative diseasesKabir MT, Uddin MS, Abdeen A, Ashraf GM ,Hafeez ABentham scienceWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2020
4Development and Validation of Reversed Phase HPLC Method for the Simultaneous Detection of Lactone and Carboxylate Forms of Topotecan Along with Thymoquinone: Application to Nanoparticulate Anticancer Formulation SystemDevina Verma, Mohd. Aamir Mirza, Mohamad Taleuzzaman, Tahir Khuroo, Sushama Talegaonkar, Robin Kumar, P. L. Sahu & Zeenat IqbalSpringer NatureScopusResearch Paper2020
5Exploring potential of alkaloidal phytochemicals targeting neuroinflammatory signaling of AlzheimerÂ’s disease.Hafeez A, Uddin MS, Kabir MT, Mamun AA, Behl T, PerveenBentham ScienceWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2020
6Emerging proof of protein misfolding and interactions in multifactorial Alzheimer'sHafeez A, Bin-Jumah MN, Abdel-Daim MM, Ashraf GMBentham ScienceWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2020
7Pathogenesis, Clinical Manifestation, Diagnosis, Pathological Findings, Treatment Options, Preventive Measures, and Risk Factors of Covid-19Iqra Rahat, Chandra Kala,Bentham Science PublishersOthersResearch Paper2020
8Metallic nanoparticles in Drug delivery and cancer treatment.( (in Process)Abdul Hafeez, Mahfoozur Rahman, Kainat Alam,ELSEVIERScopusBook and books chapter2020
9Protein-based nanomedicines as anticancer drug delivery platforms(Elsevier Proof)Abdul Hafeez, Mahfoozur Rahman, Kainat Alam,ELSEVIERScopusBook and books chapter2020
10Review of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease-2019) Diagnosis, Treatments and Prevention. Review of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease-2019) Diagnosis, Treatments and Prevention.Abdul Hafeez, Shmmon Ahmad, Sameera Ali Siddqui, Mumtaz Ahmad, Shruti MishraEurasian Journal of Medicine and Oncology, EJMOOthersResearch Paper2020
11A Review on Experimental Methods for Diabetes Induction and Therapeutic Efficacy of Anti-Diabetic Drug Loaded NanoformulationMohamad Taleuzzaman, Chandarkala Kala, IqraRahatBentham ScienceScopusResearch Paper2020
12adverse responses, oxidative stress and metabolic communicationsSuruchi Singh, Pankaj Bhatt, Satish K. SharmaJ. Global Trends Pharm Sci.ScopusResearch Paper2020
13Bioinformatics Approach for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Disease Prevention Treatment and Drug Validation.Shruti Mishra, Prashant Ankur Jain, Shmmon Ahmad, Shivam MishraEurasian Journal of Medicine and Oncology, EJMOOthersResearch Paper2020
14Solubility Enhancement of Ibuprofen by Porous Solid Dispersion Using Flash Evaporation Method.Shmmon Ahmad, Anil Kumar, Abdul Hafeez, Rupinder Kaur,International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering(ISPE)OthersResearch Paper2020
15Recent Advances InUrinary Bladder Cancer Chemotherapy- The Mtor Inhibitors.Isha Talwar, Suruchi Singh and Ajay Kumar,World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (WJPPS)OthersResearch Paper2020
16Industrial hazards and safety management in pharmaceutical industry.Abdul Hafeez, Shmmon Ahmad, Anjoo Kamboj, Mumtaz Ahmad, Anmar AL-TAIE, Sameera Ali Siddiqui, Isha TalwarInternational Journal of Applied Research.OthersResearch Paper2020
17http://www.allresearchjournal.com/archives/?year=2020&vol=6&issue=5&part=A&ArticleId=6669Shmmon Ahmad, Shivani Thakur, Abdul Hafeez, Satish Kumar Sharma, Samera Ali Siddique, Isha TalwarPalliative Medicine & Care International JournalOthersResearch Paper2020
18Formulation and evaluation of Diclofenac Sustained release tablet.Rakesh Kumar, PANKAJ BHATTWorld Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (WJPPS)OthersResearch Paper2020
19Nanocrystals: Characterization Overview, Applications in Drug Delivery, and Their Toxicity ConcernsMohammed Asadullah Jahangir & Syed Sarim Imam & Abdul Muheem & Ananda Chettupalli & Fahad A. Al-Abbasi & Muhammad Shahid Nadeem & Imran Kazmi, & Muhammad AfzalSpringerWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2020
20Optimization to development of chitosan decorated polycaprolactone nanoparticles for improved ocular delivery of dorzolamide: In vitro, ex vivo and toxicity assessmentsMohammed Shadab Shahab , Md. Rizwanullah, Sultan Alshehri , Syed SarimImam,ElsevierScopusResearch Paper2020
21Superbranched polyglycerol nanostructures as drug delivery and theranostics tools for cancer treatmentMahfoozurRahman,MajedAlrobaian,AlberteFransis,AbdulHafeez,SarwarBegELSEVIERSCIResearch Paper2020
22A critical transcription factor NF-?B as a cancer therapeutic target and its inhibitors as cancer treatment optionsMohd Suhail , Mohammad Tarique, Naoshad Muhammad, Huma Naz, Abdul Hafeez , Torki A Zughaibi ,Mohd RehanBENTHAM SCIENCESCIResearch Paper2020
23Novel nanotechnology approaches for diagnosis and therapy of breast, ovarian and cervical cancer in female: A reviewMuhammadAfzal, Nasser HadalAlotaibid, MohdYasireMohammed ElmowafyafElsevierSCIResearch Paper2020
24Extraction, GC-MS Evaluation and Anti-epileptic Potential of Seeds Ethanolic Extract of Putranjiva Roxburghii WallKala C, Imam SS, Taleuzzaman M, Gilani SJ, Ali SS, Rahat I, Ahmad A, Khan NA.BenthamScopusResearch Paper2020
25Neuroinflammatory Potential of Polyphenols by Inhibiting NF-?B to Halt Alzheimer's DiseaseUddin MS, Hasana S, Rauf A, Ahmad A, Hafeez A, Perveen A, Md Ashraf G.BENTHAM SCIENCESCIResearch Paper2020
26Nanocarriers-loaded with natural actives as newer therapeutic interventions for treatment of hepatocellular carcinomaMahfoozur Rahman, Waleed H Almalki, , Khalid S Alharbi, Abdul Hafeez & Sarwar BegTaylor & FrancisSCIResearch Paper2020
27Molecular Genetics of Early- and Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Curr Gene TherpyUddin MS, Hasana S, Perveen A, Hafeez A, Ashraf GM.BENTHAM SCIENCESCIResearch Paper2020
28Formulation and evaluation of Herbal Anti Acne MoisturizerAbdul hafeez, shmmon ahmad, Taie, A. AJournal of Pharmaceutical Research InternationalWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2020
29Nanomedicines for the Treatment of Gastric and Colonic DiseasesMahfoozurRahman,Abdul hafeez ,SarwarBeg, Imran KazmiApple Academic PressScopusBook and books chapter2019
30Medicinal plants in the treatment of arthritisShakir Saleem, Riqaiyah Khan, Imran Kazmi, Muhammad AfzalSpringer NatureOthersBook and books chapter2019
31Handbook of Essential Pharmaceutical Technology Practical, Lap LambertPankaj Bhatt, Ajeet kumarLap Lambert Academic PublicationOthersBook and books chapter2019
32Application of QbD Elements for the Development of Conventional to Lipid Vesicular for Topical Drug Delivery SystemMahfoozur Rahman , Sarwar Beg , Abdul Hafeez , Vikas KumarElsevierScopusBook and books chapter2019
33Strengthen AlzheimerÂ’s Awareness Through BiomusicIoannis Gkigkitzis, Abdul Hafeez, Asma Perveen, Ghulam Md Ashraf.Springer Nature SingaporeScopusBook and books chapter2019
34Conventional to Novel Targeted Approaches for Brain Tumors: The Role of Nanomedicines for Effective TreatmentAbdul Hafeez, Mahfoozur Rahman, Kainat Alam , Md. Adil ShaharyarTaylor & Francis Group CRC PressWeb of ScienceBook and books chapter2019
35Liposomal Nanomedicines as State-of-the-Art in the Treatment of Skin DisordersAbdul Hafeez, Mahfoozur Rahman, Kainat Alam, Firoz anwar ,vikas kumarNanomedicine for the Treatment of Disease From Concept to Application, Apple Academic PressOthersBook and books chapter2019
36Functionalized graphene-based nanomaterials for drug delivery and biomedical applications in cancer chemotherapyMahfoozurRahman,Abdul hafeez ,SarwarBegELSEVIERScopusBook and books chapter2019
37Rutin inhibits carfilzomib-induced oxidative stress and inflammation via the NOS-mediated NF-?Bsignaling pathway. Inflammopharmacology.Al-Harbi NO, Al-Harbi MM, Al, Afzal M, Kazmi I,SpringerScopusResearch Paper2019
38Formulation of thymoquinone loaded chitosan nano vesicles: In-vitro evaluation and in-vivo anti-hyperlipidemic assessmentAljoufi Fakhria, Sadaf Jamal Gilania, ChandrakalaElsevierScopusResearch Paper2019
39Formulation and evaluation of thymoquinone niosomes: application of developed and validated RP-HPLC method in delivery systemSadaf Jamal Gilani , Syed Sarim Imam, Adil Ahmed , Sanjay Chauhan, Mohd Aamir Mirza, Mohamad TaleuzzamanTaylor & Francis GroupWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2019
40Lamotrigine encapsulated intra-nasal nanoliposome formulation for epilepsy treatment: Formulation design, characterization and nasal toxicity study.Praveen A, Aqil M, Imam SS, Ahad A, Moolakkadath T, Ahmad FJElsevierScopusResearch Paper2019
41Preparation and evaluation of transdermal naproxen niosomes: formulation optimization to preclinical anti-inflammatory assessment on murine modelPraveen A, Aqil M, Imam SS, Ahad A, Moolakkadath T, Ahmad FJTaylor & FrancisWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2019
42Formulation and Evaluation of Neuroactive Drug Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticle for Nose to Brain Delivery: In-vitro Characterization and In-vivo Behavior StudyQureshi M, Aqil M, Imam SS, Ahad A, Sultana Y.Bentham ScienceWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2019
43Fisetin loaded binary ethosomes for management of skin cancer by dermal application on UV exposed mice.ThasleemMoolakkadatha, Mohd.Aqila, AbdulAhadb, Syed SarimImamElsevierScopusResearch Paper2019
44Novel benzothiazole hydrazine carboxamide hybrid scaffolds as potential in vitro GABA AT enzyme inhibitors: Synthesis, molecular docking and antiepileptic evaluationJamal Gilani S, Zaheen Hassan M, Sarim Imam S, Kala C, Prakash Dixit S.ElsevierScopusResearch Paper2019
45Algorithmic and Stochastic Representations of Gene Regulatory Networks and Protein-Protein InteractionsAbdul Hafeez, Ghulam Md Ashraf, Asma Perveen,Bentham Science PublishersWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2019
46Importance of data integrity & its regulation in pharmaceutical industry,Shmmon Ahmad, Ashok Kumar, Abdul Hafeez.,The Pharma Innovation JournalOthersResearch Paper2019
47Patent Application Preparation and Filing, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.8837Mohamad Taleuzzaman and Iqra RahatIntellectual Property RightsOthersResearch Paper2019
48Formulation And Evaluation Of Sustained Release Tablet Of Diltiazem Hydrochloride,. DOI: 10.13040/IJPSR.0975-Vaquar Ahmed, Saurabh Sharma, and Pankaj BhattInternational Journal Of Pharmaceutical Sciences And ResearchOthersResearch Paper2019
49Al-Samman AM,, Siddique NA. Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) Analysis, Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction, Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity of Emblica officinalis Fruit Extract.Ali Mohammed Mohammed Ali Al-Samman, Nadeem Ahmad SiddiquePharmacognosy JournalOthersResearch Paper2019
50Polymeric hydrogels for contact lens-based ophthalmic drug delivery systems, Pharmaceutical NanotechnologyMohammed AsadullahJahangir, syed sarim imam, Sadaf Jamal GilaniElsevierSCIBook and books chapter2018
51Metal–organic frameworks as expanding hybrid carriers with diverse therapeutic applicationsAtul jain,Sarwar beg,Imran Kazmi, Sumant sainiElsevierScopusBook and books chapter2018
52Dietary photochemicals in the treatment of type 2 diabetesImran Kazmi,Muhammad Afzal,Faisal Imam,Khalid Saad AlharbiSpringer NatureScopusBook and books chapter2018
53Nanomedicine therapeutic approach to approaches to overcome HypertensionSyed Sarim Imam, Sadaf Jamal GilaniCRC PressOthersBook and books chapter2018
54Therapeutic role of calcium and vitamin K3 in chemically induced hepatocarcinogenesis - new tools for cancer treatment.Anwar F, Khan R, Sachan R, Kazmi ITaylor & FrancisWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2018
55Alteration of serum immunoglobins, C-reactive protein, vitamin D, and electrolyte by atenolol and amlodipine in stress-induced hypertensive ratsAl-Abassi FA, Al-Alsieni AI, Kazmi ISPRINGERWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2018
56Protective effect of oleane-12-en-3?-ol-28-oic acid 3?-D-glucopyranoside in ethanol induced gastric ulcer by enhancing the prostaglandin E2 levelKazmi I, Saleem S, Ahmad T, Afzal M, Al-Abbasi FA, Kumar V, Anwar F.ElsevierScopusResearch Paper2018
57Cerebrospinal Fluid, Brain Electrolytes Balance, and the Unsuspected Intrinsic Property of Melanin to Disscociate the Water Molecule.Herrera AS, Hafeez A, Ashraf GM, Del Carmen Arias Esparza MBENTHAM SCIENCESCIResearch Paper2018
58Nano-Based Therapy for Treatment of Skin CancerSadaf J. Gilani, Mohammed A. Jahangir, Chandrakala, Md. Rizwanullah, Mohamad Taleuzzaman, Mohammad S. Shahab, Kashif Shakeel, Mohd. AqilBENTHAM SCIENCEScopusResearch Paper2018
59Oxyphenbutazone promotes cytotoxicity in rats and Hep3B cellsvia suppression of PGE(2) and deactivation of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathwaySaleem, Shakir; Khan, Ruqaiyah; Afzal, Muhammad; Kazmi, ImranspringerWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2018
60Temozolomide loaded nano lipid based chitosan hydrogel for nose to brain delivery: Characterization, nasal absorption, histopathology and cell line studyKhan A, Aqil M, Imam SS, et alElsevierScopusResearch Paper2018
61Implication of Nano-antioxidant Therapy for treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma using PLGA Nanoparticles loaded RutinPreetiPandey ,Mahfoozur Rahman, Prakash Chandra Bhatt, Sarwar Beg, Basudev Paul, Abdul HafeeznanomedicineScopusResearch Paper2018
62Formulation and evaluation of nano lipid formulation containing CNS acting drug: molecular docking, in-vitro assessment and bioactivity detail in ratsAlam M, Najmi AK, Ahmad I, et al.Taylor & FrancisWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2018
63Ursolic acid loaded intra nasal nano lipid vesicles for brain tumour: Formulation, optimization, in-vivo brain/plasma distribution study and histopathological assessmentKhan K, Aqil M, Imam SS, Imam SS.ElsevierScopusResearch Paper2018
64Development of transethosomes formulation for dermal fisetin delivery: Box-Behnken design, optimization, in vitro skin penetration, vesicles-skin interaction and dermatokinetic studiesMoolakkadath T, Aqil M, Ahad A, Imam SS.Tyler francis publisherWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2018
65Frontier View on Nanotechnological Strategies for Neuro-therapyAsim Azhar,Ghulam Md Ashraf, Asma Perveen, Abdul Hafeez.Bentham scienceWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2018
66Isothiocyanates: a reviewChandra Kala, Syed Salman AliResearch Journal of PharmacognosyOthersResearch Paper2018
67Emergence in the Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes as Smart Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery ApplicationsMahfoozur Rahman ,Sarwar Beg , Imran KazmiPharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Elsevier, Cambridge: UK.ScopusBook and books chapter2017
68Introduction to Food Traceability Based on Fingerprinting TechniquesMd. Rizwanullah, Nausheen Khan, Saima Amin, Javed Ahmad, Syed Sarim Imam, Khalid UmarFingerprinting Techniques in Food Authentication and Traceability CRC Press: UK.ScopusBook and books chapter2017
69Penetration Enhancement Strategies for dermal and transdermal drug delivery: an overview of recent research studies and patentsSyed Sarim Imam,Mohd AqilSpringer, Berlin, Heidelberg.ScopusBook and books chapter2017
70Application of Fingerprinting Techniques in Authentication and Traceability of meatSadaf Jamal Gilani, Ammedu zzafar, Javed AhmadFingerprinting Techniques in Food Authentication and Traceability CRC Press: UK.ScopusBook and books chapter2017
71Application of Fingerprinting Techniques in Authentication and Traceability of Fruits and VegetablesSadaf Jamal Gilani, Ammedu zzafar, Syed Sarim Imam, Javed AhmadTaylor &francis CRC Press: UK.OthersBook and books chapter2017
72Anticancer activity of herbal medicine: Mechanism of action”, In book “Anticancer activity of herbal medicine, Anticancer PlantsImran Kazmi,Anwarulabedin,Mohsin Quazi,Tariq Ahmad BhatSpringer NatureScopusBook and books chapter2017
73Formulation and optimization of lacidipine loaded niosomal gel for transdermal delivery: In-vitro characterization and in-vivo activityMohdQumbar, Ameeduzzafar, Syed Sarim Imam, Javed Ali, JavedAhmed ,Asgar AELSEVIERScopusResearch Paper2017
74Formulation and optimization of lacidipine loaded niosomal gel for transdermal delivery: In-vitro characterization and in-vivo activityMohdQumbar, Ameeduzzafar, Syed Sarim Imam, Javed Ali, JavedAhmed ,Asgar AELSEVIERScopusResearch Paper2017
75Invasomes of isradipine for enhanced transdermal delivery against hypertension: Formulation, characterization and in vivo pharmacodynamic studyGauhar R. Qadri, Syed Sarim Imam, Mohd. Aqil, Asgar Ali.TAYLOR & FRANSCISWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2017
76Nonionic surfactant based thymoquinone loaded nanoproniosomal formulation: in vitro physicochemical evaluation and in vivo hepatoprotective efficacySanowarSayeed, Syed Sarim Imam, AbulKalamNajmi, MohdAqil, MohdAkhtarTAYLOR & FRANCISWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2017
77Nonionic surfactant based thymoquinone loaded nanoproniosomal formulation: in vitro physicochemical evaluation and in vivo hepatoprotective efficacySanowarSayeed, Syed Sarim Imam, AbulKalamNajmi, MohdAqil, MohdAkhtarTAYLOR & FRANCISWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2017
78Development and in vitro/in vivo evaluation of artemether and lumefantrine co-loaded nanoliposomesKashifShakil, Md. AkhlaqurRahman, Syed Sarim Imam, Sadath Ali, ShaikhRayeesuddin, Farhan J AhmedTAYLOR & FRANCISWeb of ScienceResearch Paper2017
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