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Online Education System

Glocal University faculty start work from home and maintain continuity in teaching-learning process through online modes.

Glocal College of Unani Medical Sciences and Research Centre, and Glocal College of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences and Research Centre to maintain continuity in the teaching-learning process through online means.

All faculties are provide online study materials (such as videos recorded via YouTube, written notes via email, etc.) to the students.

  • Development of on-line content, on-line teaching and on-line evaluation.
  • Prepare lesson plan and develop instructional material for the students.
  • Carry on research.
  • Write article, papers etc.
  • Prepare innovative questions for “question bank”.
  • Prepare innovative projects on “Ek bharat Shrestha Bharat” and other topics.

The Ministry of HRD (MHRD), Govt. of India through its notice dated 20.03.2020 has also informed about several ICT initiatives of the MHRD, UGC and its Inter University Centers (IUCs) – Information and Library network (INFLIBNET) and Consortiums for Education Communication (CEC) in the form of digital platforms which can be accessed by the teachers and students for broadening their horizon of learning. Following is the list of some of the initiatives suggested by the ministry:

  • SWAYAM online courses: https://storage.googleapis.com/uniquecourses/online.html
  • UG/PG MOOCs: http://ugcmoocs.inflibnet.ac.in/ugcmoocs/moocs_courses.php
  • e-PG Pathshala: epgp.inflibnet.ac.in
  • e-Content courseware in 87 UG subjects: http://cec.nic.in/
  • SWAYAMPRABHA: https://www.swayamprabha.gov.in/
  • CEC-UGC YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/cecedusat
  • National Digital Library: https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/
  • Shodhganga: https://shodhganaa.inflibnet.ac.in
  • e-Shodh Sindhu: https://ess.inflibnet.ac.in/
  • Vidwan: https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/