About the Event

Literary Society Events

  • Capture The Best Moment (Photography Competition)
  • Bazm-e-Tehzeeb Season 2
  • Vaad-Vivaad Pratiyogita (Debate Competition)
  • Quizzeria
  • Extempore

Science Society Events

  • Model Exhibition
  • Live – Exhibition
  • Junkyard Competition
  • Decode The Errors
  • Guess The Image
  • Sheet Metal Product Making Competition
  • Fix-Refix
  • Vow-Coder

Cultural Society Events

  • Traditional Tattoo
  • Best Out of Waste
  • Jhankaar (Dance Competition)
  • Movie Show
  • Raag (Singing Competition)
  • 60 Seconds To Fame
  • Satyug (Theatre/Drama)
  • Ad-Mad Show

Leaders are made,not born,in the right environment and under the right circumstances.

The mission of Glocal University is to produce top-notch professionals who have a zeal for perpetual learning and are capable of performing well in diverse professional and cultural settings. While the university provide the students with all the tools required to successfully take on the world, we also endeavor to instill in them a healthy cultural rootedness that combines the best of traditional values with modern and progressive sensibilities.

The mission forms the backdrop of Glocal Youth Festival Meraki - 2020 a five - days extravaganza with theme Global canvas local colours- the reflection of our name, which includes 25+ events witnessing 3000 + crowd. A complete blend of technical innovation, arts and cultural ethnicity enfolding different creative genres will be displayed during these five days, enthusiastically celebrating the cultural depth of Indian society. Showcasing the dance, music, poetry reading and creative arts, alongside technical workshops and expositions.

It also represents the essence of Indian community by bringing together students from all walks of life, in the spirit of unity and friendship & will draw patronage from a diverse population of artistic, through this fest we wish to promote the exchange of cultures, knowledge and practice in domain of performing arts.