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Life Sciences Programs

Ph.D. in Life & Allied Health Science

The School is offering Ph.D. degree in the following disciplines of Life and Applied Health Sciences.

1. Biotechnology
2. Microbiology
3. Biochemistry
4. Botany
5. Zoology
6. Medical Lab Technology
7. Environmental Science
8. Other branches of Life Sciences

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Q. What fields of research can I do my PhD or Int PhD research in? 

A. See the webpages for research in biology at DBS and NCBS. Students are allowed to do lab rotations during the first semester to help them choose a lab for continuing their research.  Typically, no laboratory requires prior background in that particular field of research; strong interest and commitment are the only necessary factors. Background is acquired within a few months of joining your laboratory of interest. It is not unusual for students with background in *any* branch of Biology, Physics, or Chemistry, or even Medical, Dentistry, or Veterinary backgrounds, to join a laboratory in a completely different area. We encourage students to follow their interests, rather than consider themselves restricted because of their backgrounds. 

Q. I'd like to know about the written test. What is the syllabus? What is the Interview like?

A. The test consists of multiple choice questions covering *basics only* in physics, chemistry, maths, biology. There is no guide book and no syllabus. No special knowledge or preparation is required. Revise your basics, that is all.  The Interview will be based on whatever area you are most interested and most comfortable in.

Q. Are MBBS/ B V Sc/ B Pharm degrees eligible for the PhD/Int PhD program? 

A. Bachelor's degrees in Professional courses are eligible for our Biology PhD program, both at DBS (Mumbai) and NCBS (Banglore). Biology is an increasingly flexible field, where people switch areas even after their PhD, choosing to pursue post-doctoral research in completely different areas of Biology. Background is not a constraining factor in Biological Research.

Q. I am a Chemistry (or Physics) MSc/BSc. I want to do PhD/Int PhD in Biology. Should I appear for both the written tests, Chemistry (or Physics) as well as Biology? 

A. I am worried that I will not do well in the Biology test. You can sit for *either* or *both* of the tests, and we will use your best score. For your information, the Biology test has 4 sections on *basics* of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths. This is designed so that people from various disciplines can be selected according to their strengths.

Q. Can I think of the Int Phd program as an MSc program (i.e. plan to submit an M.Sc. and leave in 3 years?) 

A. The Integrated Ph.D. program is designed for students who already have a strong interest in research. Only students with a commitment to research are selected for this program. They are expected to complete a Ph.D. There is no M.Sc. exit option for Integrated Ph.D. students.
If you email faculty members directly, you may not get a reply if the information you need is already contained in our website. This is not because we are not interested in talking to you, but because we get thousands of applications, and it is not possible to answer individually questions that are already answered here.

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The School of Life and Allied Health Sciences was started in May 2014 with the aim of producing highly trained professionals in various branches of the Biological Sciences. The main objective of the School is to provide academic training and research in the interdisciplinary areas of life sciences with a focus on extending the awareness generated from these studies to the growth of technologies. Presently, the School is offering higher studies with emphasis on a multi-disciplinary approach in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Medical Lab Technology, Medical Microbiology, Agriculture and Forestry. The school is also offering PhD programme in various disciplines of Life Sciences. The School offers career-oriented courses with the aim of providing both proper orientation and research aptitude in the growing advanced areas of Biological and Biomedical Sciences.


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