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Why Glocal Law School ?

Glocal Law School (GLS) offers a distinctly hospitable learning environment. Learning, we believe, has to be consummate and to be so it has to transcend the classroom. Our aim is to create an environment where academics does not impose, but eases its way seamlessly into all round student life. In order to be truly effective it has to be integrated, made an indistinguishable part of life as a whole, treated not as distinct component but as gestalt – in fact it is to be looked upon as rather a way of life. And that is why our efforts are directed towards the creation of an environment conducive to engendering this way of life in our students; an environment that fosters a genuine spirit of inquiry. Intellectual exchange has to abound, all around – not merely within the confines of the classroom. That said the importance of the classroom in an academic institution cannot be overstated. Teachers are encouraged to make classroom discussions heuristic; in the sense of not imposing but allowing students to arrive at their own conclusions. Things learnt in such manner are rarely, if ever, forgotten.
Diversity and a global perspective are at the heart of the educational experience at GLS. We recognise the need to be global in our outlook which is reflected in all areas of our work. Furthermore, we offer safe and informal surroundings which allow you to enjoy your independence in secure and sociable conditions.

1. As a student of Glocal Law School you will be welcomed as one of us from the moment you arrive on campus, and you will keep this affiliation throughout your stay here and even beyond that. Our support system will help you to find your feet and settle quickly both into your studies and social life.

2. The University is situated in the picturesque Shivalik range with the classrooms and library affording breath taking views of undulating verdant hillsides in the surroundings. The close-to-nature location of the campus is ideal for sustained scholastic activities.

3. Glocal Law School students are trained by a group of experienced, dynamic, young and most significantly committed teachers. The teachers at GLS are drawn from premier institutions across the country and abroad, many of them being associated with the leading National Law Universities in India.

4. Glocal Law School has the advantage of having an advisory board consisting of legal luminaries who happen to be the pioneers in the area of legal education.

5. With the help of our innovative course curricula, we offer the most profound example of integration of knowledge.

6. In order to provide our students global exposure, GLS is putting in place an extensive range of exciting exchange programmes with the leading law schools and universities in the world.

7. Glocal Law School offers 24-hour internet facility with round-the-clock support from our IT department.

8. The state-of-the-art library, equipped with latest online resources, provides its students opportunity to sharpen their analytical and research skills.

9. Glocal Law School offers various merit-cum-means scholarship to financially disadvantaged students who are interested in higher education.

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