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Pro Bono Legal Work

Legal education in our country, as it is alleged seems to be falling short of any meaningful effort to shape the legal profession. Law Schools and Universities rather than setting the standard for values, seem to be largely accepting of some of the worst values of the profession. Rather than providing an opportunity to serve the public or to contemplate questions of law and justice, law school in more recent years has often been seen as a vehicle for students to obtain lucrative positions in large law firms. As the pressure for jobs and placement continues to affect the education process, the growth of these powerful firms over the past twenty years has had significant influence on the values that are emphasized in law school. The kind of money and prestige these firms are able to offer to starting lawyers has led to a disproportionate number of our ablest students being caught up in accumulating personal fortunes. Glocal Law School in this regard is committed to change this present trend and set different standards. We want to train our law graduates who can contribute in the growth of the economy, the pursuit of culture, or the enhancement of the human spirit. Glocal Law School through its Legal Aid Clinic is trying to impart those skills and techniques of law which can be used to serve those who do not have the means to hire a lawyer for consideration of their problem as well as for advice and action for appropriate relief. We constantly take our students to fields so that they realize the problems of society and are prepared to respond those problems. Legal Aid Clinic of Glocal Law School works in coordination with District and State Legal Services Authority.