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Looking Ahead with GLS

Recognised by the Bar Council of India, the Glocal Law School (GLS) is the young and promising institution of legal education in India. GLS aims to provide multidimensional learning experiences which integrate rigorous academic, applied, practical and cross-disciplinary perspectives to ensure a deep understanding of law in all its contexts. Backed by young and dynamic faculty, excellent academic and co-curricular facilities, GLS boasts of an educational environment with a touch of world class.

We aim to nurture quality legal research by establishing conditions most appropriate for incubating scholarly activity. To support our social concerns, we have adopted a multi-pronged strategy to sharpen the tool of law as an effective means for social change by helping those who are poor and needy. The distinctly hospitable learning environment of GLS offers safe and informal surroundings with an enjoyable experience of living away from home.

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