Ph.D Admissions 2022-23 ( June 2022 Session)    |    Ph.D Admissions 2022-23 Brochure
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College oF Ayurvedic Medical Science & Research Centre

The Glocal College of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences & Research Centre is committed to the highest level of education and treatment in the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Although Allopathic system of medicine has proved beneficial in the treatment of many disorders especially in the field of surgery Yet it is ineffective in the treatment of many diseases like jaundice, abdomen diseases, hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, colitis, sprue, skin diseases, gynecological disease like leucorrhoea ,dysmenorrhea, sterility sexual disorder ,impotency, premature ejaculation, less no. of sperms etc. Whereas Ayurveda has undoubtedly proved successful role in these areas and has played a miracle role in these diseases.

We at Glocal are very fortunate to have visionary management particularly it’s found Haji Mohd, Iqbal & pro- Chancellor Mohd Wazid ji and highly experienced and dedicated faculty and world class infrastructure under the Principal ship of Prof (Dr.) M. S. Rao We are strongly committed to excellent placement to set in a nation a bold and compelling strategy to achieve eminence to ensure that every student gets best opportunity to build a career. We designed a unique learning classes that focus on all round student development, so that every student get the best opportunity to build a career, to build a culture of research innovation while being firm on values in the era of globalization . A stress is given on the following:

  • To impart Teaching Learning and Research and allied knowledge spectrums as required.
  • To standardize and provide indigenous system in synergy with modern technology.
  • To provide doctors/headers well versed in modern medical and indigenous system treatment.
  • To provide knowledge to the students to make them self reliant, self managed and socially empathetic.

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From Principal Desk

BAMS, the short name for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery course, is an undergraduate degree program designed in such a way that it makes students familiar with the integrated concept of Modern Medical Science and Traditional Medicines, i.e. it is focused on Ayurveda. The duration of this course is 5.5 years including Internships.

A Worldwide forum has been provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) for promoting traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda. BAMS is one of the most popular courses in the field of medical science apart from the MBBS.

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Book Reading Competition

On 08 th September 2022 a book reading competition was organized for all the students of Glocal University by the Department of Students Welfare.

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