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Dear Alumnus,

This year marks the fifth year since The Glocal University founding. As we approach the end of our fifth year in existence, we have many accomplishments to celebrate – the establishment of eight schools , 50 programmes , a multiple interdisciplinary research center and the expansion of campus facilities. However, our most important accomplishment is and will continue to be , the creation of diverse and far -reaching university community of students and alumni. As of 2018, we have approximately 1000 alumni worldwide.

As Glocal continues to grow over the coming years, our success will be tied to that of our students and alumni. As a student at Glocal, you contributed to the University’s institution building efforts during a crucial time in its initial years. As an alumni, you play as important a part in representing Glocal University ’s core values among which are respect for pluralism, diversity, and collegiality; in advancing the University’s reputation as a higher education institution committed to providing a global education; in embodying the commitment of Glocal University and in championing the University’s spirit of community outreach, concern for the environment, and the highest ethical standards in all our endeavours.

In order to carry forward and strengthen your relationship with Glocal University , we are excited to launch the official site for the Glocal Alumni Network. We welcome you to register on the portal so that you can participate in our social and networking events and avail the 'members only' privileges and benefits of the Glocal Alumni Network.

We request you to encourage your fellow alumni to register as well and help us build a vibrant Alumni Community .As a Glocal graduate, you are the Institution’s most valuable resource and we hope to build a lifelong relationship with you that is enriching and also enables us to support succeeding batches .

Thanks and best regards,
Dean, Students Welfare

Constitution of Alumni Committee