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Glocal Champions League - 2016

The Glocal University for the third consecutive year successfully organized it’s inter class cricket tournament within its premises. Amongst the numerous registrations received finally only 10 teams successfully made to the league round.

It was a cheerful moment to witness the spectrum revolving around love and friendship amongst the participants, who actually portrayed the meaning of Glocalites.The timings of the event was scheduled in such a way that students could participate in the tournament is Free State of mind without hampering their regular classes.

During the amazing transformation of a child blossoming into youth, from school to college, Glocal believes in nurturing a holistic education, which is about honing every facet of a student, helping an individual develop life-skills, a spirit of enquiry to explore the unknown, attitude of life-long learning, so that she acquires knowledge and not just information. Beyond learning in the classroom and laboratories, Glocal has developed a mechanism to introduce each student to a wide range of co-curricular activities. We strive to take care of the oft-quoted gap by industry about students who are fresh from college: ‘that they are unemployable!’ The reason for this is simple: students are not ‘industry-ready’, because they lack two essential attributes: personality and soft skills.

The curriculum of Glocal has been designed in such a way that students get to develop these two qualities and more, by encouraging team work, inter-personal relationships and a kind of camaraderie—cutting across their study subjects, ethnic, regional and economic backgrounds. We celebrate diversity by encouraging students of diverse backgrounds to mingle with each other in hostels, sports and other co-curricular events.

Initiatives by the Department of Students' Welfare

We, at Glocal, believe that each child has a ‘unique talent’ and special strengths, be it in sports, music, dramatics, public speaking etc. Our endeavor is to nurture this talent so that it helps shape her/his personality and become a better human being. To promote this Department of Students’ Welfare has initiated four Societies. The time table has been specially designed so that all students, including those who are not residing in hostels, are able to complement college education with soft and special skills.

The Culinary Contest at the Glocal University

The GLOCAL UNIVERSITY conducted the CULINARY CONTEST on the 5th of April 2016. Eight teams participated, with over 16 participants from various branch of THE GLOCAL UNIVERSITY and two participants were from THE GLOCAL SCHOOL.

The competition requires student’s team work to first demonstrate few skills. All competitors are judged by our honorable jury comprising of Mr. B.L.RAINA(vice-chancellor), Dr. YOGESH PRATAP SINGH(Director Academic, And Hos of Glocal School Of Law),Prof. M.A.KHAN(Dean Of School Of Agriculture),Ms. PRIYADARSHANI(Assistant Professor In Glocal School Of Management) and RAJU KHAN (Executive Chef of Glocal Food And Beverages Services) .The criteria for judging was the flavor, taste, texture and doneness of their foods; serving methods; portion sizes and creativity.

The Glocal Culinary contest History:

1. The GRAND WINNER of the glocal culinary contest 2016 are ARIBA ANWAR and SARA MUBARAK from THE GLOCAL SCHOOL OF LAW.

Tech Mahindra Visit to Glocal Campus

Tech Mahindra is amongst the front runners in building the “Next Gen Contact Centre”. Tech Mahindra’s solutions have been built with years of experience in servicing global customers across multiple industries. Gaurav Pramani, Lalhriatpuia Ralte , Ankur Khantwal from tech Mahindra company visited at our Glocal University campus on 29th of march 2016.

All Dean, HOS and HOD were present in campus for having an interaction session with tech Mahindra member further, the team also interact with the glocal students of MBA,CS, B.TECH and B.COM, where they were deeply informed about the company working style and their selection criteria for job.Not only this, students were also informed about the benefits of the company that they have for the employee.

At last they informed that they would be looking for future placement with the glocal university in near future.

UGC Team Visits Glocal

The first UGC visit to Glocal University from 6-8th October 2015 was a grand success. UGC team repeatedly appreciated the world class infrastructure of and was visibly impressed by the active involvement of students and faculty members in the development of Glocal. Members of UGC team observed that going by the rapid progress made by Glocal University in such a short span of time that day is not too far when it will become world leader in terms of academic excellence and educational service. UGC has already authorized our University to grant degrees in various fields of knowledge.

Glocal Celebrates Kati Bihu Festival

In order to mark respect for cultural diversity in the campus Glocal University celebrated Kati Bihu, the traditional Assamese festival from the North-Eastern part of India, on October 18 2015. The event started with the welcoming of the faculty members with the Assamese Gamusa, a traditional towel used by the Assamese people. A short cultural program followed where the students performed traditional Assamese Bihu dance and few traditional songs.

Cultural renaissance begins through workshop on New Cinema

Mr. Sanjay Joshi National Convener, Cinema of Resistance Initiative conducted a workshop on ‘New Cinema, New Technology and Connect with the People’ on November 21 2015. Mr. Joshi engaged with the cost factor in film making and elaborated on the theme ‘new cinema and new technology’ by employing the case-study of the entry of Anand Patwardhan in Indian documentary film making. The workshop facilitated interesting conversations on how new technology is redefining the traditional definitions of film-making and the points were illustrated through numerous examples from documentary cinema and peoples’ struggle. The workshop was organized by Film Club, Glocal Cultural Society.

‘Haryana’s Hurricane’ Kapil Dev promises to support Glocal Sports Complex

Legendary all rounder and captain of India’s first World Cup winning team Mr. Kapil Dev visited Glocal University on November 23 2015. Mr. Dev was impressed with the campus and the commitment of Honorable Chancellor Haji Mohd. Iqbal to promote the educational and cultural standards of Saharanpur area. He promised to lend his time in setting up a world class sports facility at the campus.

Faculty XI vs. Students XI Cricket Match

A cricket match was organized on November 25 2015 between students and faculty of Glocal University under the aegis of Glocal Sports Society. Students and faculty enthusiastically participated in the match.

Glocal Debate Competition charges up the deliberative spirit

An intra-university debate competition was held in the month of November 2015 and received a grand response from all students with as many as 132 students participating. Various topics like artificial intelligence, robotics and humankind, genetically modified food, disarmament, law and justice etc. were discussed very profoundly by the participants. Apart from promoting the culture of deliberation among students this event also enhanced their confidence and sharpened their communication skill. The top 5 winning teams shall be trained to participate in inter-university debate competitions in future.

Prof. V. K. Tripathi explores the tensions between Science and Freedom

As part of the Special Lecture Series organised by the Glocal Science Society Prof. Vipin Tripathi (Professor, IIT, Delhi) spoke on the topic ‘Science and Freedom’ on November 27 2015. In his lecture Prof. Tripathi discussed the tension between the ethical commitments expected from the scientific community and the empirical situation where the world of science is increasingly dominated by the corporate sector and motivated by the blind pursuit of profits. He underscored the fact that there is less freedom for authentic practitioners of science in most universities today which have been taken over by professional managers with little academic sense. He urged that the issue must be vigorously debated in the public sphere so that appropriate policy changes could be facilitated in the long run.

The National Pollution Control Day commemorated

The Green Generation Club (Glocal Science Society) commemorated The National Pollution Control Day on December 2 2015. Several events like Documentary Film Screening, Rangoli and Poster Competition were organized in order to honour the memory of the victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984. The objective of the event was to sensitise the community about pollutants, industrial disasters and its preventive methods.

Glocalites celebrate UP Bird Watching Festival

Glocal University organized a visit to Badhkala Forest Range, Badhshahibagh as part of “Uttar Pradesh Bird Watching Festival 2015”.The festival was organized under the aegis of U.P Forest Department. Glocal University’s students, faculty and staff spotted some exotic species of birds in the forest. The team was led by some ornithologists and forest officials who provided very valuable information on some exotic species of birds like Himalyan Bulbul, Tits, Black Kite, Indian Hornbill, Finches, etc.

When the Glocal Music Band rocked

“Saharanpur Book Festival” was organized in association with Glocal University at Gandhi Park Maidan on December 4 2015. Students from Music Club, Glocal Cultural Society gave an incredible performance and left the audience spell bound.

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