At Glocal we have several committees that are responsible for maintaining overall discipline and promoting a harmonious environment on campus.

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Student’s Counselling and Mentorship Program

In order to cope up with the new life and environment of a University, as well as be ready to face corporate environment, an initiative has been taken to interface students with Industry.

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Gender Sensitization Program

The University runs a robust sensitization program to create awareness about gender issues within the student community and the larger public sphere.

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In order to expose the students to Industry and Research, eminent people are invited to interact with students and share their real-life experiences.

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Student’s Social Responsibility (SSR)

Student groups drawn from various Schools have been formed to take up projects of social relevance in and around nearby villages and towns.

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School Connect Program

As part of our responsibility to nurture and encourage school students by making them aware of the multitude of career options available to them, Glocal faculty regularly interacts with students of Class 12.

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Glocal Champions League - 2016

The Glocal University for the third consecutive year successfully organized it’s inter class cricket tournament within its premises. Amongst the numerous registrations received finally only 10 teams successfully made to the league round.

It was a cheerful moment to witness the spectrum revolving around love and friendship amongst the participants, who actually portrayed the meaning of Glocalites.The timings of the event was scheduled in such a way that students could participate in the tournament is Free State of mind without hampering their regular classes.

During the amazing transformation of a child blossoming into youth, from school to college, Glocal believes in nurturing a holistic education, which is about honing every facet of a student, helping an individual develop life-skills, a spirit of enquiry to explore the unknown, attitude of life-long learning, so that she acquires knowledge and not just information. Beyond learning in the classroom and laboratories, Glocal has developed a mechanism to introduce each student to a wide range of co-curricular activities. We strive to take care of the oft-quoted gap by industry about students who are fresh from college: ‘that they are unemployable!’ The reason for this is simple: students are not ‘industry-ready’, because they lack two essential attributes: personality and soft skills.

The curriculum of Glocal has been designed in such a way that students get to develop these two qualities and more, by encouraging team work, inter-personal relationships and a kind of camaraderie—cutting across their study subjects, ethnic, regional and economic backgrounds. We celebrate diversity by encouraging students of diverse backgrounds to mingle with each other in hostels, sports and other co-curricular events.

Initiatives by the Department of Students' Welfare

We, at Glocal, believe that each child has a ‘unique talent’ and special strengths, be it in sports, music, dramatics, public speaking etc. Our endeavor is to nurture this talent so that it helps shape her/his personality and become a better human being. To promote this Department of Students’ Welfare has initiated four Societies. The time table has been specially designed so that all students, including those who are not residing in hostels, are able to complement college education with soft and special skills.

Dean of Students' Welfare
Contact at: 9258058043
Email :

Mailing Address
Glocal University Delhi-Yamunotri Marg
(State Highway 57), Mirzapur Pole,
Dist - Saharanpur, U.P. - 247121, India


Glocal is attached with one branch of ICICI of India to meet all the bank related needs of the students and faculty. The students residing at hostel are very happy with the bank facility available in the campus.


Glocal University is nestled in the foothills of Shivalik range, and well connected by roads from three major cities. The buses ply on different routes of the Saharanpur to pick and drop the students from various areas.


Glocal University has started a full-fledged hospital to provide immediate medical attention not only to the Students of the University but also to staff and other people from the locality