Engineering Labs

The way you can't learn to ride a bike by reading its manual, an engineer is not completely ready without proper application of knowledge. Practical experiments are just as important as theoretical study; therefore we make sure that we provide our students with the best infrastructure and state-of-the-art laboratories that are well-stocked and equipped with the latest technology, to offer the most apt environment for learning.

Practice makes perfect. And that is exactly what our labs are designed for: To make you work in the real world of machines and components and to learn by doing it.

The objective of this engineering appreciation Centre is to provide a window for engineering students to showcase their skills, enlighten them on various possibilities and ensure they develop and retain a love for engineering and technology.

Lab Design

Engineering Labs are mostly cold places with white walls and orderly tables. Our labs are designed to be colorful, inviting and tailor made for maximum comfort, acceptability & access. It exudes a warm feeling of working in a positive environment.

The furniture is not just straight tables but crafted, keeping in mind, collaboration and teamwork to suit teams of 4. Apart from this, the lab will have something called as a ‘Learning wall’ with displays, screens and projectors to run videos/current experiment details simultaneously for an efficient overall session.


Each lab will have specially designed long experiments which entail application of several concepts at a time to enable maximum weighted as opposed to the standard set up experiments.

For example, there will be tests which involve getting engineers to study fluid mechanics and pumps to set up a pumping line for moving a certain volume of water, in a certain period of time, within a given budget. They need to choose the pump, choose the size, make connections and get the job done. And then justify their choices, explaining the concepts and theory applied. The practicals will be challenging and can vary from analyzing a type of poison, from a sample dead person’s stomach applying chemical analysis and chromatography and spectroscopy, etc or to make a stepper motor suited to a robotic arm, designing the magnetic poles to get the right force and accuracy and more.

Industry studies show that engineers may know of concepts but when it comes to applying them they fail, particularly real time combination of concepts being applied at a time. Hence, this process is another important step in our drive to make our engineers practical.

Even the best infrastructure provided can be of no use unless it is manned by skilled, qualified and competent staff with the right attitude. Our lab technicians are engineers who are specially trained and oriented to our vision. Their job is to supervise and facilitate a disciplined culture in the lab. They are trained to deal with students, their queries or any sort of misbehaviour, keeping in mind no one is discouraged from asking and experimenting. The lab staffs are subject to rotation and replacement every 2 years to ensure no one becomes a permanent owner and a fresh perspective is maintained in terms of lab practices.

Lab Access

At Glocal, we make sure that all our students have access to sufficient sets of experimental setups and tools in order to encourage them to work on their own. There is a defined process that is followed by each staff member to safeguard the equipment from being compromised while allowing free access. All of this, ensuring that there is no form vandalism or safety hazard on the part of any student or faculty.

The labs will be accessible 24X7: keeping safety measures in mind. Students are allowed to work at flexible hours provided they book their lab time in advance.


The labs are located in a separate block from the teaching facility but open to inter disciplinary interactions rather than work in isolation. Looking at the trend of present technologies, there is a convergence of Electronics, Mechanical, Civil and Software Engineering in terms of products and services. Keeping this in mind, our labs are designed in a way that encourages inquiry and multi-disciplinary collaborations.

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