The purpose of higher education revolves around four major concepts such as: Production of qualified human resources, Training for a research career, Efficient management of teaching provision, and Matter of extending life chances. A well-defined, formal, transparent, and credible approach towards quality assurance is the need of the hour to make the higher education especially, professional education delivery system robust and industry updated in developing countries. In India, implementation of a strong quality assurance policy at the University level has become a necessity owing to various factors like higher education reforms, directives by UGC/MHRD, and entry of foreign universities.

At Glocal University, we are committed to deliver quality higher education of truly global standard to all the socio-economic sections of the society. Our approach to quality assurance involves both internal and external mechanisms that would help strengthen and align academic as well as administrative processes followed in the University thereby achieving excellence in all parameters set by regulatory bodies. The quality policy will act as a guide to develop the quality assurance framework stating principles, guidelines, and procedures for implementation of institutional quality assurance system.