International Collaborations

At Glocal we are keen to forge international collaborations with the best universities and faculty in the world for the development of curriculum and programme structure.

International Cuisine

The cuisine is supervised by a well-experienced chef with an international exposure and expertise especially in West Asian and African delicacies.

Language lab

Every student, irrespective of the school one belongs to, has to compulsorily take courses in humanities, languages (especially English) and social sciences.

Latest News

Malawi High Commissioner visited @ Glocal

22nd April, 2016

Dr. Mbuya Isaac G. Munlo, Malawi High Commissioner to India, visited at our Glocal University on 22nd April 2016.


Republic of Gambia embassy visited @ Glocal

6th March, 2016

Mrs. Haddy Badjie (Spouse of Gambia Ambassador), Mr. Sankang Fofana (Education Attache) and Mr. Jabi Manneh from republic of Gambia embassy visited our Glocal University campus on 6th March, 2016.

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Alim Mohamed Kande

B.Com + MBA

I am a student BBA Program. We received a very good welcome when we reached the university campus. Glocal University is a big and beautiful University with good staff. I enjoy the food being served as some of the Indian food is same as that of my country.

Lassina Karamoko

B.Com + MBA

I study in Since we arrived at university campus, we were well received by the administrative personnel. The environment of Glocal University is peaceful for study. There is a lot of free space where we can revise quietly.

Rahamata Karamoko


I am a student of BCA program. When I arrived at the University campus, I was really pleased by its greatness and beauty. The administration personnel are very caring. I have interacted with other students over here they are very polite and friendly.

Alassane Vataky Dosso

B.Com + MBA

I am registered in BBA program. Before coming to India I always dreamed of visiting New Delhi, Shimla and Mumbai.

When I arrived in India my first impression was to see the evolution of India’s infrastructure and development. Secondly I was content of the way University representatives received me at the airport.

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Glocal Education and Leadership Summit

Collaborations at the higher education sector the world over hold the key to both developments in scholarship and to boosting economic and intellectual indicators in the development of a nation. International collaborations in scholarship is often a precursor to acknowledging the importance of new perspectives that may run counter to the prevailing paradigm.

It is in this context that Glocal University has organized this Education and Leadership Summit, to both discuss matters of importance at the forum provided, and also with a more long-term strategic aim of strengthening ties with various countries in order to build up a viable education network, wherein higher education and advance technical know-how will be shared across platforms.


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