Glocal School of Pharmacy

The Glocal School of Pharmacy is committed to imparting excellent education to students for their growth and development. The curriculum is designed to suit the research, academia, the pharmacy community and industrial requirements. Quality education is seeded, nourished and kept viable by the young, dynamic and well qualified faculty members of the School. Novel teaching methodologies are used by the faculty members to ensure that students learn quickly. The School also provides guaranteed education and scholarships to meritorious students.

Pharmacists are uniquely qualified healthcare professionals who are an integral part of healthcare systems globally. Our teaching pedagogy and excellent placement assistance will enable students to find jobs in Drug Research & Development, pharmaceutical drug manufacturing, hospital and community practices and also in various newly emerging segments of healthcare professions in India and abroad.

The demand for well-qualified pharmacy professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences is greater ever. The benefits and advantages of entering the pharmacy profession are numerous. A pharmacy professional contributes to scientific and clinical knowledge, collaborates with other professionals and improves the learning experiences of medical and healthcare workers and also serves society.

A Pharmacy professional who has obtained a diploma certificate may serve as an institutional and community pharmacist. Such a graduate can normally seek excellent positions in production, quality control, quality assurance and marketing, with thriving pharmaceutical industries in which services are well defined. They also have opportunities to work in drug regulatory and quality control laboratories of the state and central government. Pharmacy graduates can also choose positions in pharmaceutical industries in research, formulation and development, novel drug discovery and clinical trials. Moreover they have the opportunity to work in academics, typically as a researcher and also as faculty. A pharmacist with higher qualification may also work in the research and development section of multinational pharmaceutical firms.