Glocal Literary Blog

On Wings of Memories

They come and go
no matter friend or foe
whether sick or fine
Sometimes cruel sometimes divine

No charges or fee they demand
Come to you when you command
They bring back a smile or tears
A good one happiness and a bad one fear


DIVERGENTMet first day in the college
Were friends forever
No one could make it out to break their strongest bond...
Lived and died for each other

They would set the best example of friendship...
Appreciated by the classmates and teachers as well..
one stood for the second and second for the third..
Eight were they in all..



Every person has their own thought,

Whether it is related to God.

I have a different imagination,

Which encourage me for poetry preparation.

Creator of the world is like a boy,

Who loves to play with every toy

One who loves to rule

And no one can make him fool.