Dr. Yogesh Pratap Singh

Ph.D, UGC-NET, LL.M (National Law School of India University, Bangalore)
Honorary Dean, Glocal Law School
Email : yogesh@theglocaluniversity.in





Ph. D


National Law University, Odisha



National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore



University of Allahabad

Teaching Experience:
1. Civil Liberties
2. Constitutional Governance

Professional Experience:
1. Head: Department of Public Law, National Law University Odisha.
2. Controller of Examination: National Law University Odisha.
3. Library In-Charge: National Law University Odisha
4. Library In-Charge: KIIT Law School, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

Research Interests:
1. Judicial Process and Constitutional Law
2. Criminal Law
3. Refugee Law

1. Protection of Refugee Women in Present International Legal Regime: A Study: Published by LAMBERT Academic Publishing House, Germany. ISBN- 978-3-8383-7408-6.
2. Death of Constitutionalism: Indian Experience co-authored with Prof. Faizan Mustafa, the Vice-Chancellor of National Law University, Orissa. ( In Process).

1. Access to Justice: A Critical Study of Supreme Court Rules published in NLUO Law Journal, Vol. II August 2015, ISSN No. 2348-8913.
2. Fundamental Rights vis--vis Private Entities: Demystifying Vertical/Horizontal Dichotomy, published in Colloquium Opus Law Journal.
3. Supreme Court of India: Leaning in favour of Capitalist Class Review of Glocal Studies, Vol.2 Issue I, 2015. ISSN No.2347-5072.
4. Judicial Recusal: Setting Cannons of Governance in Judiciary accepted for publication in Amity International Journal of Juridical Sciences.
5. The Human Right to a Sustainable Environment: Implications and Paradoxes in South Asian Region accepted for publication in Journal of Campus Law Center (JCLC) of University of Delhi.
6. Schedule Caste & Schedule Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act: An Instrument to bring Social Transformation published in 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference proceedings on Inequality, Vulnerability and Violence organized by IPRA on 1st-2nd February 2015 in Nagpur. ISBN No. 978-81-926818-1-8.
7. The Essence of Due Process in the Constitutional Jurisprudence: Indian Experience, published in NLUO Law Journal, March 2014, ISSN No. 2348-8913.
8. The Plight and Experience of Chakmas as Internally Displaced People & Refugees: An Investigational and Analytical Perspective, co-authored with Mr. Amit Yadav, published in E-journal of NLSIU, ISSN No. 2348-8913.
9. Comparative Federalism: Testing Indian Constitution on the ten Yardsticks of Ivo D. Duchacek, published in Comparative Constitutional Law & Administrative Law Quarterly (CALQ), published by National Law University, Jodhpur.
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11. Human Rights: A Neverland Published in a Book Human Rights in 21st Century: Changing Dimensions Edited by Gurdip Singh and V K Ahuja and Published by Universal Law Publishing House Co. Pvt. Ltd. ISBN- 9789350351666 [ Review published in The Hindu appreciated the article] See: http://www.thehindu.com/arts/books/article3675215.ece .
12. Refugee Women: Protection under Present International Legal Regime as a chapter in a Book Gender Justice & Women Empowerment published by Radha Publications Ltd. New Delhi. ISBN- 81-7487-702-9, 978-81-7487-702-4
Sustainable Development: Notion and its working: A Comparative study as a chapter in a Book Environmental Law and Climate Change published by SBS Publishers Ltd. New Delhi. ISBN- 13-9789380090160.
13. The President of India: Relocating His Position in the Constitution, published in National Law News, A Quarterly Law Journal (ISSN: 0976-4305), Vol. 13-14, Year 4, April 10-Sep. 2010).
14. Rameshwar Prasad & Others (VI) v. Union of India (2006)2 SCC 1: A Critique, Co-Authored with Mr. Kumar Karthik, Assistant Professor of Law at KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar, published in National Law News, A Quarterly Law Journal (ISSN: 0976-4305), Vol. 13-14, Year 4, April 10-Sep. 2010).
Privatization of Higher Education: Constitutional Perspective, published in Journal of Interdisciplinary Policy and Research (JIPR), Nagpur.
15. The Crisis of Parliamentary Culture in India: Post Nehruvian Experience. Co-Authored with Dr. Afroz Alam in press.

Judges of the Supreme Court of India (1950-1989) Author: George H Gadbois JR (Oxford University Press) Published in NLUO Law Review.
1. Condemned To Helplessness, Published in the Statesman, September 10, 2015. See http://epaper.thestatesman.com/584888/Statesman-Delhi/10-09-2015#page/14/2
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5. A Ghost Haunts Parliament (Eminent Domain vis--vis Land Acquisition Law). Published in the Statesman, March 19, 2015. See
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12. I am not Hearing this Published in The Statesman, Dec. 19, 2013. See http://www.thestatesman.net/news/75417-merits-of-a-reflective-judiciary.html .

(Write column in a Magazine titled Saphalta published by Amar Ujala Group and primarily meant for Civil Service aspirants).
1. November 2014 Issue: Demise of Dissent in the Supreme Court of India.
2. October 2014 Issue: Council of Ministers vis--vis Cabinet: Subverting the Constitution.
3. September 2014 Issue: National Judicial Appointment Commission: A Critical Evaluation.
4. August 2014 Issue: Constitutionalism.
5. July 2013 Issue: Special Status to State of Jammu & Kashmir: Issues and Implications.
6. June 2013 Issue: Trans-genders in India: The Legal Environment.
7. May 2013 Issue: Anti-Rape Law: A Welcome Move.
8. April 2013 Issue: Right to Information: Rebirth of Democracy in India.
9. March 2013 Issue: Reservation in Promotions: Affirmative Action or Reverse Discrimination.
10. February 2013 Issue: Abolition of Capital Punishment: A Sincere Request.
11. January 2013 Issue: Comptroller and Auditor General of India: A Toothless Tiger.
12. December 2012 Issue: Anti-Defection Law: The Need for Reappraisal.
13. November 2012 Issue: Judicial Activism vis--vis Judicial Adventurism: An Experience of Indian Supreme Court.
14. October 2012 Issue: Assisted Reproductive Techonology Bill, 2010: An Attempt to Legalize Surrogacy.
15. September 2012 Issue: Status of the President in Indian Constitution: A Relook.
16. August 2012 Issue: The Copyright (Amendment) Bill, 2012: Fulfilling a Long Overdue.
17. July 2012 Issue: Right to Food: Realization through Food Security Bill.
18. June 2012 Issue: The Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill, 2010: Milestones and Challenges.
19. May 2012 Issue: Foreign Education Institutions Bill: A Boon or Bane.
20. April 2012 Issue: The Right to Education Act, 2009: Reality or Illusion
21. March 2012 Issue: The Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill 2011: A Critical Evaluation in the 22. Light of Federal Character of the Constitution.
23. Feb. 2012 Issue: Access to Justice: Approximating Is to Ought through Gram Nyayalaya Act, 2008.
24. Jan. 2012 Issue: Land Acquisition and Relief and Rehabilitation Bill 2011: Prolongation of Colonial Legay.
25. Dec. 2011 Issue: Judicial Independence and Judicial Accountability: A Critical Study of Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill 2010.
26. Nov. 2011 Issue: Civil Society in India: A Vehicle to Bring Social Transformation.
27. Oct. 2011 Issue: Lokpal: The Proposed Indian Ombudsman.
28. September 2011 Issue: The Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) in India: The Surgeon, It Seems Requires Surgery Himself.

Invited Lectures:
1. Invited by National Judicial Academy to deliver lecture in workshop on Access to Justice organized for principal district/sessions judges.
2. Invited by National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics (NACEN) Faridabad to deliver lectures on criminal law to IRS probationers.
3. Invited by Odisha State Judicial Academy to deliver lectures for newly recruited judicial officers in the state judicial service.
4. Invited by NALSAR University of Law to deliver lectures on constitutional law.

Participation in International and National Seminars/Workshops
international Conferences/Seminars
1. Participated and Presented a paper on The Paradoxes of Indian Saga of Development: The Judicial Perception in 11th NAPSIPAG International Conference on Asian Governance: Paradoxes of Development in Dhaka, Bangladesh organized by NAPSIPAG in association with Policy Research Centre, Bangladesh held from 5th -7th Dec. 2014.
2. Participated and Presented a paper on Schedule Caste & Schedule Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act: An Instrument to bring Social Transformation in 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Inequality, Vulnerability and Violence organized by IPRA on 1st-2nd February 2015 in Nagpur.
3. Participated and Presented a joint paper with Prof. Faizan Mustafa (Vice-Chancellor, National Law University, Orissa) on Abolition of Death Penalty and Failure of Rarest of Rare Doctrine in India in International Seminar on Relevance of the Indian Penal Code in Combating and Controlling Crime in Modern Age organized by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow, from 14-15th Dec. 2010.
4. Participated and Presented a paper on Telemedicine: Legal Dilemmas in 6th International Conference of the Telemedicine Society in India organized by SCB Medical College, Cuttack under the aegis of Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Orissa held from 14-16th Nov. 2010.

National Conferences/Seminars
5. Presented a paper on Why Do Judges Dissent: Theoretical Underpinnings in National Workshop-cum-Conference on Judicial Dissent: A Conceptual and Contextual Audit of Decision Making in the Supreme Court of India jointly organized by Glocal Law School and Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra Dehardun, from 4-5 April 2015.
6. Participated and Presented a paper on Dissenting Opinions of Indian Supreme Court Judges in Indian Legal System: A Critical Evaluation in National Conference on Judiciary, Ethics and Justice Delivery in India jointly organized by National Law University, Orissa and Institute of Objective Studies New Delhi, from 21-22nd Jan. 2012.
7. Participated as a delegate of National Law University, Orissa in a three day Indo-US Education Conclave 2011 organized by The Alliance for US India Business (AUSIB), State Legislative Leaders Foundation (SLLF) & Dr. D. Y. Patil University, Pune (DPU) from 5th -7th December 2011 in Pune.
8. Participated and Presented a joint paper with Mr. Kumar Kartik ( Assistant Professor of Law at KIIT Law School, KIIT University) on Anti-Defection Law: The Need for Reappraisal in National Conference on Indian Constitution in the 21st Century: A Conceptual and Contextual Audit organized by School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore, from 24-25th Feb. 2011.
9. Participated and Presented a joint paper with Dr. Afroz Alam ( Assistant Professor of Political Science, National Law University, Orissa) on Social Equality through Affirmative Action: Indian Perspective. In XXXVI All India Sociological Conference organized by Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Orissa from 27-29 December 2010.
10. Presented a paper on The Right to Development and Right against Displacement in a National Conference jointly organized by Indian Economic Association (IEA) and KIIT University Bhubaneswar.
11. Presented a paper on The Concept of Environmentalism in a National Seminar organized by State Pollution Control Board, Orissa Govt in 2009.
12. Participated in South Asia Round Table Conference on Law, State and Contemporary Social Movements held at NLSIU, Bangalore 30th April 1st May 2006.
13. Worked as Field Investigator in the State of Uttar Pradesh on the Pilot Project of Government of India on Relevance of Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 carried out by National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

International Workshops
1. Participated in 39th Annual Study Session (30 June-25 July 2008) of International Institute of Human Rights (IIHR) Strasbourg, France.
2. Participated in Ceidhu (Certificate course for University teachers) conducted by IIHR Strasbourg, France.
3. Successfully completed two week 8th South Asian Teaching Session in International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law conducted by the International Committee of Red cross (ICRC), UNHCR and NLSIU, held at National Law School of India University, Bangalore.
4. Participated in 5 day International Workshop on Forced Migration Organized by the Jamia-Milia-Islamia University.

National Workshops
1. Participated in Faculty Development Workshop organized by National Law University, Odisha during 29th April 2013 to 4th May 2013.
2. Participated in a two day State Consultative Meeting on the Draft Disability Bill of 2011 in Bhubaneswar from 10-11 March 2011.
3. Participated in Government of India (Staff Selection Commission) Workshop on Question Bank on Law-Phase I organized by Staff Selection Commission in Kolkata on 18th Nov. 2010.
4. Participated in a Workshop on Water Rights Organized by the SWARAJ, a non-governmental organization and National Law School of India University Bangalore.