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Glocal at FICCI Higher Education Summit 2016

 Thursday, Nov 10, 2016

Glocal University was the proud Gold sponsor at the FICCIs 12th International Higher Education Summit 2016 between November 10 and 12.

The objective of this summit was to explore the opportunities in the field of higher education and deliberate on the ways to attract more and more intemational students to India.

Glocal at FICCI Higher Education Summit 2016

As many as 200 foreign delegates from Africa, CIS region, SAARC, South East Asia, North America, Israel, Turkey, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Indonesia and Tajikistan attended the summit.

The main points which came to the fore through the multiple panel discussions were:

1. Out of 192 countries only a few countries are effectively targeted by Indian universities-these are mainly in Asia and Africa, the rest of the third world countries are being neglected, e.g. Mexico.

2. Internationalisation of the curricula in Indian universities and institutes of higher education is very critical for international students i.e. to include subjects and/or papers which are relevant to the students back there in their own countries.

3. It will be very crucial for Indian universities to align themselves with multiple international partners through course sharing, faculty and students exchange programmes, resource sharing, etc.

4. Implementation of choice-bas. credit system shall encourage more international students to think of India as a serious option for higher education.

5. While assessing students it is very important to give up the age old methods of only pen and paper examination and memory-based questions in the question papers. Now more effective and innovative techniques are to be generated and employed to assess.

6. A great emphasis was given to the aspect of research as the pivotal component of higher education.

Many of these points have already been initiated here at Glocal University and with more and more international students coming to the university the spirit of internationalism shall flourish a. result in the formation of a vibrant glocal community.