Continuous Evaluation System

1. The Glocal University has adopted the continuous assessment system which shall be designed according to the need of teaching-learning process in the course as approved by the Board of Studies of respective Schools of Glocal University.

2. The scheme of continuous evaluation shall be made known to the students at the beginning of every semester by the teacher concerned.

3. The Continuous Assessment shall consist of following components:

  • a. Announced / Monthly / Modular Tests
  • b. Unannounced / Snap Tests
  • c. Case Studies
  • d. Project Work
  • e. Court Room Exercises (CRE)
  • f. Laboratory Exercises
  • g. Any other assessment process administered by the course teacher with the prior approval of the Head of the School.

Explanation: Notwithstanding anything stated here or anywhere else in these Rules, the coordinator of each course with the prior approval of the Head/Dean of the School shall have the discretion to specify what components are to be included in the Sessional Work aspect of the course, the nature of the various components, and the proportion of marks allocated to each component.