Save as otherwise provided in the Rules or elsewhere, every course at Glocal University shall carry a total of 100 marks. Of these, 25 marks are allocated to the Continuous Assessment (CA), 20 marks to Mid-Semester Examination (MSE) and 50 Marks for End-Semester Examination (ESE).

  • 1. Eligibility to Appear in End-Semester Examination: Students having less than 75% attendance in a course shall not be permitted to take the End-Semester Examination for that course.
  • 2. For calculating attendance, the time period taken shall extend from the beginning of the term until the end of classes prior to the End- Semester Examinations. However, if a student has secured at least 66% attendance in a course and can provide valid grounds for the shortfall in attendance, the Vice-Chancellor may at his or her discretion condone the shortfall. The valid grounds shall include:
    • (a). Medical grounds, provided the student satisfies the criteria specified in Glocal University Examination Rules (Rule 20);
    • (b) Participation in a moot-court competition, including the journey period;
    • (c) Participation in a seminar, workshop or conference, including the journey period;
    • (d) Participation in voluntary programmes conducted by the University;
    • (e) Any other ground which the Examination Committee, in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor, may approve.
  • 3. The application for condonation along with all relevant proofs shall be submitted to the Department within six days of resuming class attendance.
  • 4. Five Marks are allocated for the attendance as per following scheme:
  • S. No.

    Range of Attendance

    Marks Allocated


    96% and above

    5 Mark


    91% to 95%

    4 Mark


    86% to 90%

    3 Mark


    81% to 85%

    2 Mark


    76% to 80%

    1 Mark



    Only permitted to appear in the exam


    Between 66% to 75 %

    May appear in the exam if there are genuine reasons.


    Below 66%

    Cannot appear in the exam.

  • 5. Failure to secure the minimum required attendance in one course within an academic year shall lead to compulsory re-registration in that course in the forthcoming academic year.